Welcome to Firelocks,LLC

Welcome to Firelocks,LLC

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Firelocks,LLC is proud to offer a new generation of precision locks. Each lock is carefully assembled from the highest quality components. All of our components “except for springs” are made using modern technology such as CAD /CAM and CNC. Our locks do not have any cast parts. These advanced machining practices allow us to bring a higher quality lock, made of the finest materials, to the market. All of our components “except springs“ are made from solid bar stock using the CNC process. Our springs are hand forged to give the best possible performance. All of our locks come with a lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser) against defective parts or workmanship and come with a money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. 

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Lancaster, PA.

 For customer service and support, please contact: 

 Chris Laubach

 Email: chris.laubach@firelocksllc.com